Registering your vehicle in Spain

Today we would like to explain a bit about the procedure for importing and registering a
vehicle. In other articles, we have already explained the types of documentation needed to
obtain your Spanish technical data sheet (either through a reduced technical data sheet, a
certificate of equivalence or an individual homologation), and now, we will also talk a bit
about the registration process.

It’s important to keep in mind that the whole process can be a bit complicated, but we will
try to explain it as clearly as possible.

Steps recommended by Tutuning for purchasing and registering a vehicle abroad

Check the viability of registration

The first step is to see if there will be any problems in processing the documentation to obtain the Spanish technical data sheet as there are cases where this may not be possible. This cases includes vehicles without a European approval number, vehicles with conversions, etc. Please check if your vehicle has one of this case before confirming the purchase.

Green Plates

Once the vehicle is in Spain, you will probably need green plates to drive into Spain and obtain provisional insurance until the registration process is completed. These plates are valid for 60 days.

  • Signed mandate
  • MOD 01 form (for green plates)
  • Copy of valid DNI or NIE with proof of residence
  • Copy of the contract or invoice with tax identification
  • Original foreign documentation

Processing the Spanish technical data sheet

We explain the options for obtaining the Spanish data sheet in our YouTube video.

Reduced Data Sheet

The simplest case for vehicles with European approval number and in standard condition.

Certificate of Correspondence

This documentation includes a certificate that brings the vehicle up to a Spanish national (not European) homologation code and a reduced technical data sheet.

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Individual or Unitary Approval

Individual or Unitary Homologation This documentation is somewhat more expensive as the vehicle must be inspected by a vehicle laboratory and, in most of the cases, a brake test will also be required.

Once we have our approval, we have to go to the ITV for a thorough check of both the documentation and the vehicle.

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With everything approved by the ITV technician, three technical data sheets will be issued
(one for Traffic, one for Industry, and one for the vehicle owner) along with a report
indicating the vehicle’s mileage if not reflected in the Spanish technical data sheet.

Final Registration

For the final vehicle registration, the following documents are required:

  • Documents previously provided for the green plates
  • Technical data sheets issued by ITV
  • If kilometers are not indicated in the technical data sheet: ITV report at the time of
  • Original provisional vehicle registration certificate for the green license plate
  • IAE of the current year showing the activity for industrial vehicles, if model 06 is

Costs Related to Vehicle Registration

Costs may vary depending on several factors related to the vehicle or the city in which it is registered. In general, costs include:

Costs at the Time of Obtaining Green Plates

  • Registration fees
  • Collegiate rights
  • Traffic fees
    o Issuance of vehicle registration permits
    o Temporary permits and authorizations
  • IVTM of the municipality where the vehicle is registered, depending on the location
    and the car
  • Model 620 if the vehicle was purchased through a sale contract and not by invoice.
    It will be a percentage of the vehicle’s value, varying by the autonomous community
  • Literal translation of the documentation into Spanish

Costs for Approval to Obtain the Spanish Technical Data Sheet

  • Reduced data sheet: the most affordable but not always possible
  • Certificate of correspondence: mid-range cost
  • Individual approval: higher cost due to vehicle inspection by a laboratory
    Costs for the Final Vehicle Registration
  • Registration fees
  • Collegiate rights
  • Traffic fees (if previously paid for green plates, not necessary again)
  • IVTM if not managed for green plates
  • Literal translation of the documentation into Spanish if not done previously
  • Model 576, registration tax: Depends on first registration date, engine size, fiscal
    power, and emissions. Vehicles with emissions below 120 g/km of CO2 are exempt.
  • For commercial vehicles submitting model 06, model 576 is not required but the
    vehicle cannot be sold within four years of registration without paying the
    registration tax.

If the green plates were managed through an agency, the final registration must also be
done through the same agency

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